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6 Week Training
Conscious Life Design

Thank you opening my eyes yet again to a whole another level of this amazing experience called life. I look forward to learning, absorbing, and sharing in more of it.
~Alisha D

“Time spent with him has helped me remember my true essence in a way that I was only able to intellectualize before. I am now in relationship with that essence.”   ~Pam K

Tiger's a real person who is able to talk in a way that you understand. You get it. He's inspiring. He walks the walk with humor and grace.
~Dina A

Tigmonk helps me to see more clearly, what I already know. I am giving my self permission to be the beautiful soul I am. I no longer feel like the Lone Ranger. You are beautiful dude.
~Machelle V

9 Hours of Video, 42 Pages of PDF Course Material, Complete Audio Download Version with Additional Bonus Meditation Downloads, and LifeWork Assignments.

The Video
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6 Explosive Weeks of Fear-Shattering Insight
  • Week 1: Intro to Conscious Life Design
    Get clear about the nature of your connection with all that is, and begin allowing for the dropping away of the unconscious limitation that ties you to lack, scarcity, and fear.
  • Week 2: Allow the Fulfillment of Desire
    Understand the profound difference between egocentric wanting, and divinely inspired desire. Here you will get in touch with what it is you truly desire to experience in this life.
  • Week 3: Emotional Guidance & Intelligence 
    We are already setup with everything we need, all guidance and intelligence is already contained within what we are. This week we will uncover the ways we can tap into this, and feel confidence in our connection with All that is.
  • Week 4: Effortless Life... Get Out of the Way
    The way of effortless living, is to let life move on your behalf while you simply allow yourself to enjoy the present moment at hand. This permission has already been given, and this week will make that abundantly clear.
  • Week 5: Deep Connection in All Relationships
    All Relationships are a reflection of the One Relationship you have with you most sincere self. If we desire deeply profound connections with others, we must be willing to connect deeply with the sincerity of our own being.
  • Week 6: Trusting in the Miracle You Already Are
    TRUST. This is what blooms the truth within your entire being. This is what allows the insight and wisdom to move from your mind and into your Heart, and allow for the embodiment of the miracle you already are.
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Tom Crawshaw (U.K.)

"I'm all about getting perspective from others who I feel have powerful wisdom to share to assist with the growth on my journey. When I first came into contact with Tiger his vibe was full of love and joy and I really resonated with his rather simple message. So when he decided to offer a paid program to go deeper into the principles and concepts he talks about I jumped at the chance. I love the way he breaks down what can be quite abstract teachings into simple memorable metaphors and analogies. Listen to what Tiger has to say, it will help you remember the beautiful truth that could change your life."

Anita - (Australia)

"Tigmonk's Conscious Life Design Course is Pure Gold. It is so simple, gentle and effective at shattering fear and stripping away limitations. The contemplative meditation downloads Tiger facilitates have expanded my awareness even more than I could have thought possible, and I have discovered within an even greater sense of Joy and ability to Be in the Present Moment."

Mark - (California)

"Discovering Tiger and the School of Blooming has been an experience of resonating with the simple truth of... recognizing the Beauty that We Already Are! So many amazingly simple nuggets of truth and shifts in perspective have been shared in such a beautiful authentic space! If you are interested in discovering, being and expressing your love into this world! Encourage you to come play with Tiger and the School of Blooming!!"
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